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While Watching TV, the things that frustrate me and you very much are break-up and match-up of wifi connection means the disconnecting of wifi network. If Your Android TV fails to connect to Wi-Fi continuously and looking for quick fixes, then you are at right place. I have felt the same pain and I can understand your problem. I know You are about to watch your favorite show or web series and this issue is very irritating. Don't worry. Today, I am gonna share my secret tricks to solve Android TV Can't Connect To WiFi in 5 minutes.

Android TV Can't Connect to WiFi Solution

1. Forget Wi-Fi Network and Reconnect

Disconnect your current Wi-Fi network then forget it and try to reconnect using the right password. This method works many times. Step 1: On your Android TV home screen, select the Settings menu (that looks like a gear icon). Step 2: Then, Go to Network & Internet menu. Step 3: Select your Wi-Fi network. Step 4: Click on it and select Forget network. Step 5: Go back to the Wi-Fi menu and select your network again. Step 6: Now, Reconnect the same Wi-Fi network with the right password.


2. Check your wifi band(2.4GHz vs 5GHz)

Sometimes, Your Smart TV or Android TV won't be compatible with the 5GHz band of the wifi network, check your TV manual once for compatibility. If your wifi is 5GHz enabled, There are some cases where your smart TV won’t be able to connect to the 5GHz band signal, but easily connects to the 2.4 GHz band. So just change your router settings from 5GHz to 2.4 GHz and see if it helps.


3. Check Your WiFi

Before going to the next steps, you should first check your wifi at your home. Connect any other device with your wifi and check the Internet access. If Wi-Fi isn’t working on your other connected devices, then something might be wrong with your router. Try restarting the router, and switching it on after a few seconds. If it doesn't work try troubleshooting your router from the steps mentioned in your router manual. Check for firmware updates for your router. If you are running outdated firmware, then update it. Also, check SSID Broadcast is turned "ON" on your router page. Connect your computer or smartphone to your same wifi network and Simply Open on a browser. Look over there, and make sure your WiFi access point is visible to all devices. If the Problem with the router persists and Nothing works, then Hard reset your router.


4 Adjust the Time and Date Settings

Try once your time and date settings. To do so, open Settings by clicking on the settings. Open Device Preferences. Next, open “Date and Time” and then “Automatic Date and Time”. Here, select “Use network provided time“. After setting your time just restart your TV and your problem will be solved if not then check the next steps.


5 Disable data saver on Android TV

If your TV is connected to the wifi, but the internet is not working. This happens when the data saver limit is exhausted. So disable your data saver on Android TV. Follow these steps to disable the data saver of your Android TV. Open Settings and then “Network and Internet”. There you will see Data Saver. Now, open “Data Saver” and turn it off.


6 Set Proxy to “None”

If you have any invalid proxies set then you would face internet access problems. So, Go to wifi properties. then, In the WiFi access point setting and make sure the Proxy is set to “None” and IP Settings is set to “DHCP”.


7 Restart Android TV

If everything that is mentioned above is fine. then Just restart your Android TV and try to connect to Wifi and Your Android TV Can't Connect To WiFi problem will be resolved. If still you are having trouble then follow the next method.


8 Hard reset your Android TV

If Nothing worked for you then it's time to hard reset your Android TV. Remember that this will erase all your files, apps, and settings, from your Android TV. After the reset process, your TV would get back to its default state, and, the “Android TV Can't Connect To WiFi” issue will be gone.


9 Contact Your Manufacturer

Unfortunately, If your problem is not resolved and still facing Wi-Fi issues on your Android TV, connect with the Manufacturer's support of your TV. It is likely the problem with the hardware of your Wi-Fi module. If Your TV is under warranty, then you get easily get it replaced for free of cost. That’s all for Today, in this post on how to fix the "Android TV Can't Connect To WiFi" problem. Do let us know in the comments below which method works for you with the Android TV Wi-Fi issue.

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