PUBG, FIFA, Roblox, Minecraft leak users Financial data

A report by Kaspersky finds out that the most popular and big series of games such as PUBG, FIFA, Roblox, Minecraft, Elden Ring, Halo, and Resident Evil are actively targeted by hackers who spread ‘RedLine’ malware into their servers. After getting infected by 'RedLine' PUBG, FIFA, Roblox, and Minecraft leak user's Financial data. The most popular games in the world across different platforms, seem to have been infected by REDLINE malware and this malware is compromising user data. Along with PUBG, FIFA, Roblox, and Minecraft, there are other 28 games too that were exploited by the attackers. It is predicted by the researchers that all these attacks were conducted between July 2021 to June 2022 this year and affected more than 3,84,000 users with approximately 92,000+ different malicious files.

RedLine Password Stealing Malware

According to cybersecurity experts, RedLine is a password-stealing malware, which is powerful enough to extract your passwords, saved bank card details, cryptocurrency wallets, credentials for VPN services, and other sensitive data from the victim’s device. By using Redline, the attacker can have access to your usernames, passwords, bank card details, cookies, and autofill data from Chromium and Gecko-based browsers. The Stealer can also grab your data from crypto wallets, instant messengers, and SSH/VPN/FTP clients, along with files with some popular extensions from devices. The attack does not stop here, Furthermore, RedLine can download and run third-party programs or malware on your device, execute commands via command prompt and open any link in your default browser. It also spreads itself in various ways, such as via malicious spam e-mails, Instant messaging apps, or third-party programs. Redline is not the only weapon that attackers are using, there are many more malware or tools that are still unknown to us. Anton V. Ivanov, a senior security researcher at Kaspersky said that “Cybercriminals are creating more and more new schemes and tools to attack players and steal their credit card data and even game accounts, which can contain expensive skins that can later be sold. For example, strikes on e-sports, which are now gaining huge popularity around the world” Apart from data stealing, Researchers also discovered Trojan Spies – It is a category of spyware that is capable of tracking any data entered on the keyboard and taking screenshots. This spyware is spreading through a large number of game players who install unwanted programs and adware in order to get free skins and reward points.

How Scammers are targeting Players

Cloning the whole user interface of game stores including “PUBG, FIFA, and Warface”, scammers create phishing websites or pages, offering players a wide range of various weapons, skins, points, and artifacts for free. To get the gifts for free from fraudulent websites or pages, players need to enter login data of their social network ids, such as Instagram or Twitter. After taking login data, attackers get control over victims' social network accounts and go through personal messages to extract card details, or ask their friends for money, preying on their trust, observed Researchers. Targeting the most popular games, the number of cases of cybercrime, and sensitive data-stealing has increased by 13 percent from the first half of 2021. By tricking Game players to download new premium or paid games from untrustworthy sources for free, players end up downloading malicious software. In turn, lose their gaming accounts or even their money. As we got it that Redline is a self-spreading malware with RedLine. But Require user interaction at once to install it on their device. In order to install Redline on victims' devices, cybercriminals target victims with fake ads with a promise to provide them with cracks and cheats of games, as well as tutorials on how to hack games. Apparently, victims fall into the trap.

How to keep yourself Cyber Safe

  • Keep your games or apps updated, or turn on automatic updates
  • Keep your system firmware updated
  • Do not click on any suspicious link
  • Uninstall any unwanted and outdated app
  • Make your Password strong and hard to guess
  • Do not download any files or apps from untrustworthy sources
  • Never share your username or password on chatting apps or messengers
  • Download and Install Authentic Anti-virus

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