Top 5 Upcoming Futuristic Technologies of 2023, will Blow Your Mind

Guys as we know that technology is developing very fast in the last few decades. Just look, in today's era we are surrounded by the Internet, smartphones, and Smart computers, the things we used to see in 90s movies like Terminators, that we can see in reality today. But as we know that everything has its pros and cons. Technology also has good as well as bad effects on the human race. Technology is saving our time but on the other hand, it is also making us lazy. In today's post, we will talk about some Top 5 Upcoming Futuristic Technologies which can be a reality in the future.

Top 5 Upcoming Futuristic Technologies of 2023,

Top 5 Upcoming Futuristic Technologies

Today we will talk about some of the future technologies that will change the way humans think and live. These techniques are the top emerging technologies. Hopefully, you have seen these future technologies in a Hollywood movie. Let's start this post with the technologies of the future.

1) Humanoid Robot

You might feel uneasy about the prediction of Future Technology, that will change the world in the next 10 years but it is true. In 2009, A Hollywood movie called "Surrogates" was released. If you had seen this movie then you will better know that the complete movie was based on futuristic technology. It is not only limited to "Surrogates". Many technologies and Futuristic movies like avatars, surrogates, and robotics had won the heart of audiences. So, those things that were shown in the movie can be a reality too. It is possible that the brain will be connected to a machine and you will be able to control the machine autonomously and you will be able to do any work you want. At present this kind of technology is not fully developed yet. But from long ago US military is working on a similar kind of technology that we say "Humanoid Robots". Research on Humanoid Robots technology has been already going on for many decades. You can also feel the same technology while playing virtual games but currently it is limited to software only. But that time is not very far away when Humanoid robots have their own hardware parts similar to human body parts. Humanoid robots can be a reality in the near future like avatars, surrogates, and robotics. This would be a very small example of Humanoid Robots. Many Humanoid Robots Still exist like Sofia. But yeah, Technology evolves itself and it would become very advance in the future.  

2) Universal Language Translator

This is a great technique, especially for those who have language barriers to travel. Let us understand it through an example. Suppose you know English and I know Spanish but we do not have any common language to communicate. In this situation, both of us will be able to talk easily with the help of a Universal Language Translator and will also be able to understand each other. It will act as a mediator between being a translator. You must have seen this technique in many movies as well. While a universal translator seems difficult, scientists continue to work on similar real-world technologies that include a few known languages and they will definitely do it in near future. But we have a live example of a Universal Language Translator. Most of us surf the web, we must have used Google Translator once in our life. Google Translator is probably the closest thing to a universal translator. Although Google's translator included many foreign languages. Also, you can translate any language words, paragraphs, and entire pages into your native language.  

3) Neural Networks (Mind Reading)

Whenever we watch Hollywood movies, we get to see many technologies related to Neural Networks and Mind Reading. You might think that those things are impossible, but it is not. Research is already going on in most Neural Networks technologies. You must have seen it in many Hollywood movies or even in some Indian serials that one person is reading someone else's mind. Work is going on Mind Reading type of technology, through which you will get to know what someone is thinking. It is not believable that such a technology can ever be possible, but it can also be possible in near future. Scientists are scanning the brains using EEG to understand brain waves. because having such a technology would have many benefits and its side effects too. Neural mind reading research, based on multivariate pattern analysis (MVPA) methods, is providing exciting new results. Some of the results obtained with this research have increased high hopes, such as the possibility of creating brain reading devices.

4) Emotional intelligence in machines

First of all, let us know about Emotional intelligence. When a computer starts reading emotion and then reacts to it by analyzing patterns, including facial expressions, gestures, tone of voice, the force of keystrokes, and more, to determine a person's emotional state, we call it "artificial emotional intelligence". Researchers of AI and neuroscience accept that current forms of Artificial Intelligence may not have feelings of their own, but still robots can mimic emotions, such as sympathy. The synthetic speech also helps reduce vocalizations(unnatural robotic sounds) like robots, many of these emit more realistic emotions. Machines have long been able to appear as if they have emotional feelings, but now machines are also being programmed to know when and how to display emotions that make the machine appear sympathetic or otherwise emotionally intelligent. So, this technology is also possible in near future.  

5) Self-reproducing robots

In the List of Top 5 Upcoming Futuristic Technologies, We are now going to talk about very weird research. Researchers working at the University of Vermont had been able to 'lineage' new life forms known as xenobots. These biological robots were designed by researchers using artificial intelligence (AI) on a supercomputer and then they created them in real life using embryonic stem cells from a frog. When the team tests the AI's design in the lab, they were scared when the xenobots actually started self-replicating. In this way, Scientists have discovered the first self-replicating living robot. And this news Go Viral like wildfire "Scientists from the University of Vermont took stem cells from a frog and transformed them into robots". So, we can say that Small robots made copies of themselves which is a concept of Self-reproducing robots. That means robots can also do something like sexual intercourses to reproduce themselves and it is a very strange concept.


I hope you get everything about Top Emerging technologies. If we do future technology predictions for 2025 then these technologies will be a reality. Scientists are already working on new technology in computer science for the advancement of our science sector. The Top new technologies have the potential to change human civilization. The Technological advancements that can possibly be developed in the future will also increase our standard of living. 
Concluding this post we can say that New Emerging technologies will change the world in the next 10 years.

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