What to Look For In A Dedicated Server

If you have made up your mind to switch from a shared web server to a dedicated server to host your website, you may be a bit overwhelmed by the thousands of dedicated server providers, deals, and advertising on the internet. Choosing the best-dedicated server according to your requirement and budget is not an easy task. You will have to make sure that the provider is reliable, keep updating the equipment or not and how's the customer service. You might have lots of questions like What are the things to Look For In A Dedicated Server? So, Put your worries aside and just read this complete guide on "What to Look For In A Dedicated Server". I ensure you that after reading this post completely your 90% doubts would be cleared. And you will end up choosing the Best dedicated server for your website.

What to Look For In A Dedicated Server


Top 5 things to Look in a Dedicated Server?

I know that choosing the best and most reliable dedicated server at a competitive price is really a hectic task. Not everyone knows, what are the top key points to consider before looking for a dedicated server for your business website. And it is a most important part of the business game because a dedicated server is not only the backbone of your website but it is also a home for your revenue or earnings. So, I spend lots of my time researching dedicated servers and coming up with the top secret key points. If you consider these points before having a dedicated server, I can guarantee that you never going to regret your decision. So, Here are the "Top 5 things to Look for in a Dedicated Server?"

1. Potential Downtime

Nothing is more frustrating to a business a website owner than the server being down. This happens most of the time, but if you cannot get in touch with your hosting provider, it can prove to be tragic. Imagine your customers not being able to reach your website for days! The revenue that you lose could be enormous. So, Make sure to check the potential downtimes of your hosting provider, and do not hesitate to ask as many questions as you can.

2. Good Support and Customer Service

One of the most important things to look for in a dedicated server is good customer service of the provider. You know that there are many providers in the online market that offer dedicated servers. Some of them are very inexpensive. While an offer for a cheap dedicated server may be attractive, you certainly do not want to sacrifice your customer's quality for price. If something goes wrong with the server, you definitely need to know that someone will be on call to help you with any issue. By having a dedicated server, you are actually, hosting your own website. Unless you are a computer genius, or have an IT team on hand, despite that you will need help from time to time from your hosting provider's end. This is why it is so important for your dedicated server provider to have good customer service to assist you.

3. Bandwidth

You will also want to check out the storage available on the dedicated server as well as the space allotted for your website. It is one of the most important reason why most businesses choose to have a dedicated server is to increase bandwidth. Bandwidth is what allows customers to visit your site smoothly. When you have a dedicated server, that means you do not have to share your bandwidth with other websites. Also do not forget to test the bandwidth of your dedicated server provider and how many hits your server can handle simultaneously.

4. Performance & Storage

Performance and Space is also important consideration. Even if the performance and storage that you have now is sufficient, you may need to expand your website at sometime in the future. You might also have to use additional site to host websites that are affiliates of your business that can earn revenue by receiving advertisements. There are many different ways to earn money online with websites on the internet. By hosting your own site, you need to break your own limit and records when it comes to internet income. So, You must aware of the Performance and storage too when it comes to hosting many sites using the same server.

5. Strong Security

In addition to good customer service, bandwidth, space, and low downtime, you will also want to find a dedicated server that is strong and secure enough to protect your website against different types of cyber attacks like DDOs, Xss, fuzzing, etc. One of the best things of having a dedicated server is that you would need to have full control over the security of the server as well as your website. A dedicated server must enables your website to be more secure than if you were using a shared server. Price may be a consideration when choosing a dedicated server, but only for the price never compromise the security of your website. A dedicated server is no good unless it can actually protect your business. If security is strong enough, you can make even more money by gaining your client trust to ensure them that their data is secured at you.


I hope you got the importance of the above points and if you consider these points, you end up having the best Dedicated server hosting for your website. Along with these things, one more term so-called "carbon footprint" is being important nowadays, if you're environment lover, you also need to consider carbon footprinting for your website. Carbon footprinting is the insight that how much pollution your site is generating. Yes, your site can also contribute to CO2 emission, because servers need endless 24/7 electricity to keep them up and electricity is generated by burning coal or other natural resources. So, look for green hosting providers too who use renewable energy sources to run their servers. 
If you still have any doubts or recommendations, feel free to comment below.

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