WhatsApp new features for 2023, Might Shock you

Today, As much as we use our phones most of the time we spend checking messages on WhatsApp. As we know that long time ago WhatsApp did not come up with creative and unique features for its users. but finally, In 2023 WhatsApp is going to roll out some new features. WhatsApp's new features for 2023, Might Shock you because some of them are amazing and some might be a bit controversial for you. We know WhatsApp always being in the news for its privacy policies. and This time meta (parent company of WhatsApp) has taken a serious move to its user’s feedback and worked on privacy and certain user experience enhancements to the mobile app. Now, let's see what new features WhatsApp is going to introduce in 2023 to make Whatsapp more competitive.

WhatsApp new features for 2023


Whatsapp is testing the below features to introduce in 2023. Check them out:

Retrieve the deleted messages

WhatsApp is working on a feature that will make you able to retrieve messages which you might have deleted accidentally. Suppose you have deleted some message(s) for everyone then this feature can retrieve back those messages if you want to. You might think that it is not helpful. Maybe it will not be so useful for everyone, but imagine what if you have deleted some 5-10s of messages and later on you realized that some of them are important, then here this feature will help you a lot to get back those messages. This feature is already available for beta users of WhatsApp and we can expect it to be released globally for all users in 2023.

Admins can moderate the conversations

Imagine you are running a group of 10s or 100s of members and suddenly a spam user posts some abusive image, message, or a spam link. Here, with the current version of WhatsApp, you can only remove that user but you can not delete his image or message. Later on, every group member will end up having that message or image. which will make you feel embarrassed or may the members will the group. Now, WhatsApp is going to save you from this situation. They are planning to introduce a new feature where Group Admin can delete or remove any message, image, or video of any user in the group. So we can say that admin or admins will have the right to moderate the conversations of the WhatsApp group.

Hide your online status

WhatsApp is offering a feature to hide your online status. With this feature, you can now regulate your privacy even more and choose who will be able to see you being online even when you are online. According to WhatsApp, this feature would have two options, the first is to hide the online status from the other users and the second is to make custom your last seen as your status. Those who chat at late night really needed this featurešŸ˜. let me know in the comments, do you need this feature.

Track the Past Members Of the WhatsApp Group

This feature will give you an insight into the group and it is useful to get an idea about the past group activities who join left in the last 60 days. It can be a great feature to detect spam or misleading groups. Suppose someone invites you or add you to an unknown group and you know nothing about that new group. But after this new feature to Track the Past Members Of the WhatsApp Group, you will be able to see who join or leave the group in the last 60 days from the day you joined.

Screenshot Blocking For photos and videos

We all are very much familiar with the current View Once or disappearing message feature of WhatsApp, also it is very much popular and has lots of advantages.  It did a good job preventing revenge porn blackmails by your jilted lovers who happen to have your private photos. However, it still has some bugs in that someone can screenshot the disappearing photos or messages. Finally, WhatsApp is going to enable a screenshot blocking feature to View Once messages to eliminate the problems with the current feature for an added layer of protection. This feature is currently under testing. WhatsApp will roll over it for everyone in next year 2023.

Companion Mode Feature

As we know, in the current version of WhatsApp we cannot use WhatsApp simultaneously on two different mobile devices. Here to resolve this issue Whatsapp come up with the Companion Mode Feature. Companion Mode Feature allows WhatsApp users to use Whatsapp on two different mobile devices simultaneously. This feature would be very helpful for Business owners, customer support, and marketing teams. Along with using WhatsApp on two mobile devices at the same time, you can also able to use it on WhatsApp web (PC or laptop). A team of small business owners who get the majority of their leads or customers through WhatsApp can now use the same account and avoid delays in responding. Two heads are better than one so, this feature is definitely going to be very useful for Whatsapp business users.
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Personalized 3D WhatsApp Avatars

WhatsApp is going introduce Personalized 3D WhatsApp Avatars like we used to see on Instagram and Facebook and after this feature Whatsapp users will be able to create their own personalized 3D Avatars. You can use these personalized 3D avatars in your stories, chats, and video calls instead of using your profile picture. This feature would be helpful to protect your privacy. Especially, when you will be chatting with a Stranger!! This feature is also currently under testing and will be one of the important features we can see out in 2023.

Leave Groups Silently on WhatsApp

As you guys know, If you leave any WhatsApp group everyone gets notified that you left the group. As of now, Leave Groups Silently feature is already available to most of the users but still, few are looking to have this feature. But earlier in 2023 or the end of 2022, this feature will be rolled out globally and will be available for everyone. This feature will make it possible to exit any WhatsApp group privately without notifying anyone in the group. Instead, only admins will get to know that you left the group. This will definitely be a good option to save ourselves from the drama or embarrassment that occurs with leaving a group, and the inevitable messages from people wanting to know why you left them. If you face this situation, then this feature will save you.


I hope these new upcoming WhatsApp features of 2023 will benefit you a lot and also you love them having these features. if you want any other features that Whatsapp has to add to their features list. Then do not forget to tell me in the comments. And also let me know, which feature of Whatsapp you like the most. 

WhatsApp FAQ

What are the new features of WhatsApp 2023?

  • Retrieve the deleted messages
  • Admins can moderate the conversations
  • Hide your online status
  • Track the Past Members Of the WhatsApp Group
  • Screenshot Blocking For photos and videos
  • Companion Mode Feature
  • Personalized 3D WhatsApp Avatars
  • Leave Groups Silently on WhatsApp

How to use WhatsApp's new features?

Some of the features Whatsapp already made public for beta users if you want to explore them just register as a beta user and use them before other users. However, to get new features you have to update your Whatsapp after the official release of the feature in order to use them.

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